Monday, October 25

First day & I'm dumped with a pile of work. I spent the whole morning packing some products, & then when the boss came, bam wham. Everything was dumped onto me. Lots of researching, writing & editing. & a lot of Advertising & Marketing come in. Like target audience, positioning & stuff. & I have to learn new software & contact publishers, distributors & sorts. Aww crap. I even have to work at home. Crap crap crap. & I couldn't find my way there & ended up in a cab.

On a lighter note, met Vidz after work & she passed me my belated birthday prez - Jason Mraz Live CD! So now, I have BOTH the DVD & the CD! Thanks a lot Vidz! :) You're my favourite person remember? Heh...& Cafe Cartel's pasta always gives me the tummy aches.

Sigh. Worry worry worry. Day ended bad. Worry worry worry. I wonder what happened? I thought he was joking with me as well. He seemed fine. & suddenly, the cold shoulder. The snub. Sigh. Worry worry worry. :(

Work again tomorrow. I frigging hate it.

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