Friday, October 29

Hmmm, I've survived 5 days of work so far. Alright, not really. Since I spent a lot of time at the trade exhibition at Suntec on Wednesday, & I spent the whole of today at some Cisco seminar. Let me talk about the trade exhibition's EXHILIRATING! Wow. Not anyone can go in so my boss gave me a namecard of my own & I handed it to those people in charge & they generated this pass for me with my name & my company's name & I clipped it on & walked around the trade exhibition shaking hands with big shots & feeling bloody important. There were big magazines from Australia, Germany, Europe...everywhere! & they flown in specially for this exhibition so I made a lot of contacts & collected tons of brochures & namecards. That was fun. Surprisingly.

So anyway! I finished up my press releases & am proud of them because my boss likes it! Wahahaha. But hey, it's such a chino-neh (stupid Daryl) environment, I don't think they'd really cricticise much. Although boss was picky, I managed up something he likes. Thankfully. Probably spend tomorrow & Monday sending out the press releases to online portals & the magazines (the contacts come in use!).

Yepz, spent the whole of today at some seminar at Singapore Post Centre & it was some seminar for the sales staff of Cisco. Well, it has nothing to do with the company actually but the boss owed the speaker a favour & the speaker asked for assistance so my boss just threw me to him. But it was great. I didn't do much. All I did was get the participants to sign in, give them the handouts, take some photos. That's about all I did. & we had tea breaks (with food provided) & the people there are nice...pretty interesting really. I've never realised that adults can be this childish. In fact, I think they can get worse than us. I was just commenting to the speaker after the seminar how amazed I am at them & he said that they can get even worse if they were thrown into a training room instead of a conference room (apparently, the conference room gives an air of hostility as it's a 'cold' environment). But yeah, you should have seen what those people did with balloons. & their language. Gee. They're full of dirty thoughts. & we're talking about a bunch of senior sales executives. Alright, the seniors weren't that bad. It's the younger batch in the afternoon session which made me laugh like hell. They honestly behave like a bunch of kids! Lol...& oh, the mess they created. Golly. I'm shocked.

Yepz, so it's back to work tomorrow. Half-day! Wahahaha. Half-day! Yay! Daryl's booking out & we're going to...the Science Centre. Don't laugh, really. We wanted to go to the bird park but well, it's been raining lately so it's off to the Science Centre! We still have many more tourist-y spots on the agenda! :) Heh...but yeah, sadly though, he's been confirmed for the Thailand trip. The land of transvestites. He's not jumping for joy at that news. I wonder why. Haha...I'm not happy either but hey, since there's nothing you can do about it, resign to it eh?

Totally random:
Mraz Mraz Mraz. He is oh-so-witty. Oh-so-gorgeous. Oh-so-I'm-so-charmed-I-have-no words-to-describe-it. Vidz, your fault, really! The CD is in my discman non-stop. & I listen to it day & night & it's on repeat mode & I can't get sick of him! Damn. Don't you just love it when he went like, 'Do you want just some?' Huh huh? & the 'I love Sex' badges! HAHA! Tsk. Luckily, there weren't any young kids in the audience.

Ayu, I watched that! Adam King did such a gay job of mimicking Jason, I really wonder! But hey, our Jason's a good sport? He was happily filming Adam King...while his hair took on a life of its own.

Yes yes. I know I'm obsessed. But I can't help it! I am soooo wowed by him. That boy CAN sing! Goodness.

(This is sort of thrown together haphazardly because my thoughts are not organised)

Hey darling, just go to Thailand...don't worry about us. Nothing's gonna happen. 3 weeks is long, but it's not long enough to push us apart alright? I mean, you're still planning to go to Australia to study & that'll be even longer! We'll last it through. & as for our first real 'misunderstanding', let's put it behind us alright? It's minor, & it's not gonna affect anything. Let's try not to let it happen again. We need to talk, if there's anything you're unhappy with. :) You know I will do everything I can to make you feel happy!

I remember when we used to walk together
Used to talk together, go to the park together
In all kinds of weather we would share
This common pleasure with most of human kinds
It was a kind of treasure
One that I was surely glad to find

But I got one right here

& I'm okayI'm okay, & you're okay, & we're okay
I'm alright
Everything else is alright sometimes

Just remember those bones they get broken
& love is not a token of affection
It's not even a real thing, it's a word
So don't you try to but it out with a ring
Coz' it's a verb, to love someone
Open up & let them in
Just don't be afraid to set them free again

This ain't no heaven, ain't no hell , ain't no in between
Coz' there's just too many faces & places in this world
That I ain't ever seen
I'm gonna keep on keeping on
I'm gonna reap on being strong
I got my head on, though misconnected
It's alright coz' I do it protected
I got a day job
I drive a cheap ride

Sounds like I'm gonna fine
You only get one life to learn
There's only so many brain cells that you can burn
& life can take a turn
& take away that you've earned
& leave you yearning for more, so much more
Life is gonna leave you yearning for more, more, more
Your stomach's gonna be churning
Wanting more, you're wanting, wanting some more
You're wanting some more, more, more
Do you want some?

Well I got some right here
& I'm okay, I'm okay & you're okay
Haha, we're okay
Everything else will be fine sometimes
Guess what I'm doing okay
Jason Mraz [Common Pleasure]

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