Monday, November 1

What a crazy week! Loads of work & all. & I felt as if the weekend just about lasted 2 freaking hours. Gah.

Never mind! So! Saturday...met up with Daryl after work & our initial plan was to go to the Science Centre (well, the tourist-y thing remember?) but then when we finally got his dad's car, it was like almost 5 & the Science Centre closes at 6 so yeah, plan abandoned & we headed down to East Coast Park to watch the sunset instead. Lol...& the silly billy bought me a white top. Well, he was bugging me for weeks so yeah...

Today (or yesterday, whatever you prefer), went to Causeway Point to catch Shark Tale before my tuition. & ohhh...Shark Tale is ABSOLUTELY funny by the way. Perhaps it's not as great as Finding Nemo or Shrek but it's still a great movie. Or perhaps, I just love animation! Those fish honestly look like their voice counterparts! Especially Will Smith & Angelina Jolie. Bwahahahaha! Oh. I don't want to be a spoiler. But then, notice the likeliness of the Christina fish & the Missy Elliot fish. Daryl thinks the Missy Elliot fish is Missy Elliot's clone herself. Bah. & yepz, stay for the credits! There's still a very very short part after the credits!

Daryl got a piggybank from Happy House which costs a whooping $39.90. & he was like so nonchalent about the price but seeing that it's one of the bigger ones we've seen, we got it anyway. We have plans with the piggybank! Big plans!

& yeah, meeting the parents has been put off again to this coming week. Honestly, Daryl's being so jittery, it's as if my parents bite. They don't!

Silly billy, stop calling me a silly girl. & you think you what? ATM machine ah? Stop spending your moolah like that! Ahhhhhh...BIG PLANS! Heh...& my study room decorated with all Happy House accessories! Don't give me that look! Lol...

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