Wednesday, November 3

Jeffrey (my boss) gave me a PDA to 'play' with & I was so excited. Butttt...after just about 3 minutes, I realised there's nothing to play with. So yeah, it's all about memos & stuff. & I'm so afraid of losing it! & when Iris comes back, he's gonna loan me the iPod Mini to 'play' with also! & it's brand new! Lol...they're not so bad afterall. Pretty relaxed...& Jeffrey's funny. But he's terribly naggy. He repeats himself too much. & he doesn't explain what he wants me to do. It's always, 'Well, what do you think? Do what you think is good.' & when I do it, he'll go like, 'No leh...not what I want.' It's like, HELLO? Tell me what you want! But other than that, they're all fine!

For example, a few LOs from NYP came. & Jeffrey, having had a fight with the admin in NYP disappeared & they were trying to push the LOs to everyone else & Laura, this senior staff just had a laughing fit & trying to push it to me. What can I say to the NYP LOs?

Yepz...& after this week, I'll be like the ONLY intern in the whole office. I came with 2 interns from NYP, & then 1 was sent back 2 days after work, & then well, Jeffrey had a tiff with NYP's people, & then NYP decided to withdrew the other intern. & Jasmine & Shen Yan are leaving next week since their attachment started like, 3 months ago. Yeah. I'll be the ONLY one left. Dang.

& I had my last tuition yesterday. FINALLY! :)

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