Tuesday, November 16

*breathes* I'm much calmer now, I think. I was mad at Blogger. It somehow vanished all my blog entries to Neverland. They don't appear in my dashboard at all. It says, 'No Posts Found' & it's like this vacant space. & boy, was I mad. Then I figured, hell, if all my entries disappear, to hell with them. I'll just totally give up blogging or something. I hate it when things screw up on me like this, for no rhyme or reason.

SO! My boss ain't such a scrooge afterall. He gave us all a treat at some Japanese restaurant at Bugis. But yes, he's still naggy. I'll sorta tune out. & all my colleagues think I'm some quiet, gentle and permanently depressed person. Which I most definitely am not. I just don't like talking much there.

Daryl made me go for this car show at Suntec & though I may not know much about cars, I must still insist the Lamborghini is like such a droolsome car. I think the Rolls Royce is ugly though. It's so bulky. Loads of cars there, & loads of semi-naked models. I spent a good 1 hour + there letting my lesbian instincts surface (if there were any in the first place) & trying to take pictures of them. I ogled at the models, Daryl ogled at the cars. Oh wells. Different taste I suppose.

My mom dragged the entire family (my sis was spared) to this kelong & boy, it was hell. Really. It totally wasted my Sunday & Monday. I coulda spent the long awaited holiday doing something productive but no, my mom thinks it's fun to go to some place totally away from civilisation & feed the mosquitos. Her idea of fun is warped. Woke up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday! Went to Malaysia (tolerated the bloody jam), travelled down to the jetty in a cramped mini-van for 2 entire hours, & then waited in the hot sun for the freaking boat, & had a nauseating 15 minute boat ride to the kelong. Granted, the condition of the kelong wasn't bad. It's just that, there was absolutely nothing to do there. A small karaoke set (which the elders sang some terrible off pitch oldies, & the little kids tortured me with S.H.E. In repeat mode.), a TV which was snowy, & beds which jerked up & down when someone walks across the place. & oh, when a huge cruise went by, the entire kelong shuddered & I did too. I was bored stiff. My bro went fishing for 2 days, & I don't fish. I don't have the patience to. My dad played mahjong & my mom chatted with all the long lost relatives. I moped. & to top it off, my uncle (whom I have never seen before in my entire life) tried to be helpful & dragged the huge bucket of water (for showering) & it went right across my foot. & my injured toe was even more injured. I just sorta yelped & I was reduced to tears. If it wasn't broken before, it is now. My dad open a door on it that morning, my bro hopped off the chair onto it, & my mom stepped on it. & the bucket of water. The agony. The swelling had initially went down & now, it's swelling again. Bad karma. & so, I was moody for the rest of the day. I went to bed after I showered. At 8:15. I plugged in my discman & drowned out the warbling of the aunties & uncles & forced myself to sleep. Drifted in & out. The next morning, I spent the entire morning being grumpy, & sitting in the chair & stoning & waiting to get back to Singapore. I tell ya, I'd rather work than go back there again. Granted, the food was fab. Fresh seafood. Huge prawns. Gigantic fresh fish. Bbbbbutttt. I'd rather have my phone reception more than anything. (I think I sorta ranted for an entire paragraph)

Daryl came over after we got home. He came over on the context of passing me this tape & he also gave my mom this huge packet of nougats as a belated birthday gift. Smart boy. My parents absolutely love those stuff. & he was all shy & awkward & it was so funny to see him like that. & well, I didn't exactly tell my mom that we're together but I think it's kinda obvious coz' I wouldn't ask my friends over at 8+ & all, just to get some stuff. So yeah, they didn't say much. But after he left, my dad asked how I got to know Daryl & all. & he said, 'Gao gao shou shou', which means, 'tall tall skinny skinny' in direct translation, which is a good thing I think. I know my mom likes tall people. The taller the better. So yepz, it didn't go as bad as I imagined. & Daryl tried to be corny. I told him how my mom loves tall people & he looked at me & said, 'She must hate you.' I am not short ok? I'm just vertically challenged, damn it.

Ok ok. Back to work again. Midway through it. Another few more weeks & I'm done.

Sorry dear, I'm such a grouch. My mood swings are scary ain't it? I don't know what's up with me. That dream must have gotten to me. I shouldn't have let it affect me so much, but it seemed so real. & well, the possibility of it happening is there even though you keep reassuring me that you wouldn't. But you've gotta admit that $18,000 a month is a lot, & well, practicality is always the way to life isn't it? Thanks for being so patient & sweet though. I love ya. :)

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