Sunday, November 7

Fuck. I was scared shitless.

Here I am minding my own business when I heard the marbles. At 12.30 AM.

I mean, ok, so what's up with marbles?

Ayu once told me that if I hear marbles on my ceiling, the house above mine is haunted.

& that's not all. Right above the master bedroom, sounds of furniture being pushed around can be heard at 4 in the morning (that's what my mom told me).

So ok, I used to dismiss it as the occupants upstairs being plain inconsiderate. But I can't make myself believe in this excuse right now.

Because the occupants have moved. I know that coz' just 3 weeks ago, noisy renovation went on for 1 entire week. In fact, my mom was surprised they even removed the toilet bowl (she saw it downstairs) & I told her they were probably trying to exorcise the place. But no, the people moved out. & as far as I know, no one has moved in yet.

& the marbles I was as clear as day. A few dozens of marbles spilling out of a bag. & then the slow 'tak tak tak' of a handful of marbles bouncing on my ceiling. Bloody hell.

& then just when I was trying hard to block out the marbles, I heard a loud screech & a huge bang. Oh lord. Car accident. I was too fearful to step out for a look. Coward.

& today must be bad karma day because I fell down (skidded on water in the kitchen) & skinned my knee, my ankle & my right toe feels as if it's broken. I'll have to check it out tomorrow because it hurts real bad & it can't move around properly.

I'm sooo out of it. Not only that display of ungracefulness proves that, I did another stupid thing as well. I put on my glasses when I got home, & was wondering why it was so blur. So I took it off, wiped it & put it on again & still, it was so blur. I panicked. I thought something must have happened to my eyes or something. So I rubbed them hard & I realised something.

I forgot to take out my contacts.

Yepz, anyway, Daryl came & picked me up after work & we went Suntec. I was feeling rather cheesed off because Ting cancelled on me. She asked me out, & then cancel on me? Well, alright, so she said she gotta accompany her mom but she could have told me of that possibility earlier. I was annoyed coz' I haven't seen her for so long & she's still the same. Cancelling on people at the last minute. So anyway, Daryl & I had noodles at Crystal Jade restaurant, something I have been craving for such a long time. & the pretzel at Auntie Anne's is heavenly. Soft, yet slightly crispy. The taste of the cheese rolls off your tongue. Whoa.

Bought him jeans from Samuel & Kevin & I felt as if I was forcing it on him since he insists it's not nice. But hey, I think it looks good & so I got it for him. Lol...

Went back to his place, where we watched Jason Mraz. Well, I sorta forced him. He was so reluctant, & it felt as if I was holding him at gunpoint before he trudged reluctantly into the room to watch Jason Mraz. & yep, I went all crazy & he was like, 'Are you always like this when you watch him?' Too bad Daryl doesn't share my enthusiasm. Although he did say something nice. He said, 'I'm just enjoying the music.' That's good enough. :)

& there he went getting all excited playing his new game. He bought the new Grand Theft Auto game & was just totally obssessed with it. Lol...but who am I to say? I'm totally hooked onto Maple Story!

Gah. 2 weeks down, 4 more weeks to go. Faster faster faster.

& this is Jason Mraz, reporting live from Invisible Microphone News. I'm at Tokyo, & YES! Yes seems to be the consensus! 'Hai' is the way they would say it.

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