Sunday, November 28

Oh my goodness. My last week of ITP. I'm bloody ecstatic. Sure, I still have loads to do. Like designing a postcard, making a website, writing a report with diagrams & all, but hell, it's the LAST WEEK!

Let's seeee. Daryl came over this morning to score brownie points & damn, it's just too easy for him, it's no challenge at all. He offered to drive my parents to Woodlands for grocery shopping & yeah, he impressed my mom with his driving skills. & then he helped them carry the stuff back & all. & my parents seem to be rather friendly with him (even my dad which is really really rare) so yesssh. I think his height helps!

Went back to my place & then me & Daryl brought my brother to PS for Pastamania & 'The Incredibles'. It's hilarious. It's so cool! Violet's invisibilty & shield, Dash's speed...& the baby! Wahahaha. He's the cutest thing ever.

Then my mom called & told me she cooked Daryl's share of dinner. Ooh. Seems like a good sign. So we went to his place first to grab his stuff, & yes, dinner was good. We had crabs as well. I don't know why. Daryl just seems to strike adults as a nice, quiet and shy guy. Which is a damn good thing because parents like that!

& he's back in camp again. This time round, he has 3 straight days of exercise, in which he can't sleep at all (for 3 DAYS! Only Skye can do that! Haha...), can't use the phone...basically, torture. For him & for me. So for the next 3 days, I'll just...mope. Yeah, I'll do that. :)

Yay! We're like...a family now! I think my parents like you!'s so much better than you expected isn't it? It's too easy for you! :P Bleargh. Go, go for your 3 days torture. I'm gonna miss you. But hey, it's training when you go for your overseas training. Gah.

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