Sunday, January 30

Back home. I wished I could say I was away for the weekend but no. It was just one day. But hell, it was one day of utter happiness. But first, let's talk about Tiara's chalet.

We almost died trying to go there. First of all, Tiara's phone was stolen so the only way to contact her was through Delima. Next, we had no idea which unit number it was. (It's like Murphy's Law! When you think the situation cannot get any worse, it does.) Then to top it off, none of us could get Delima at all & we finally found the unit number (called up Costa Sands Resort to enquire) at 5.30 PM on the day of the chalet itself.

So I was just sitting at Daryl's place trying desperately to find the unit number so I could leave. Found it & went to meet Skye so we could go together & I absolutely HATE long bus journeys. Well, I hate long train journeys as well, for that matter.

So we reached the bus-stop opposite Downtown East at 7.30 & I thought we might be able to get to the chalet at around 7.45. After all, how far can it be from the bus-stop? Boy, was I wrong. Skye led us into this park which was dimly-lit & it was just freaking creepy in it. We walked & walked & it was so dark, I almost couldn't see anything else surrounding us. & I'm just a paranoid person & I kept turning around & whenever I do that, Skye would scream & run. After half an hour of walking, we emerged, & realised we just walked around Escape Theme Park. & when we finally managed to ask a passer-by where Costa Sands was, we were directed right back to where we started out from. Absolutely traumatising.

So by then, it was around 8+. & we ventured around a bit more before my pride finally gave up & I called Wilson thinking he was already at the chalet (because he called Skye at 7 & said he was at Tampines). So I told him we were lost & he reassured us & said he was gonna come get us. So we just went back to the bus-stop & waited for about another half an hour. Called Danielle & Danielle asked us where we were & I told her that Wilson was suppose to come get us long ago but we have no idea where he was. & then we discovered that Wilson was actually at White Sands with Danielle & gang! Argh!

They finally came & by then, I was pretty much sticky, sweaty & tired. & Skye & I were pretty insane from all the walking & waiting. Found out that Costa Sands Resort is actually really near the bus-stop & we just missed the path. Pui.

So, I sat for a while, hugged the ladies (who're looking good of course!), ate pizza & then I had to leave. Coz' I was suppose to stay over at Daryl's place & it's not nice to amble in late so I took a cab down. & reached home before his parents! Showered & waited till his parents came back & we took the car down for prata at around midnight.

Went back & we were really sleepy so we washed up & went to bed. & his dad asked, 'Daryl, you sleeping on the floor huh?' & Daryl went, 'Ummm, we'll have a barrier between us.' & his mum actually said, 'Barrier? Hahahahaha! You sure there'll be a barrier? Hahahaha!' Quite embarrassing. But really, it's just so nice to cuddle up & sleep. :) So blissful. It just feels so nice. I like waking up staring into his face. Sigh. & it's so nice to have someone suddenly hugging you from behind when you flip over. Sigh. I wish I could have stayed over today. I wish he can just move in. I wish he doesn't have NS. I wish we're in our 20s & we can just get married & have our own home. I wish I wish I wish.

He woke me up early, (I don't mind being waken up like that everyday!), but we went back to sleep & slept in till 11.30. Showered & all & his parents drove us down to fetch his grandma, & we went to Old Changi Road to eat brunch. Was really full, & worried whether we could handle lunch with Skye & Darrelle.

After brunch, his dad drove us down to Katong & we embarked on another journey to nowhere. We couldn't find Skye & she couldn't find us. & turned out that there was some miscommunication. Gah. I might have walked 5 km from all those walking the past 2 days. Found the Peranakan restaurant & I had my first Peranakan meal. Unique taste. The soup's fab but some of the dishes might not have agreed with me because I had a stomach upset.

Darrelle took a bus back to town & the 3 of us shared a cab. So we showered again (coz' it was a humid day & we walked too much) & waited to get down to Ian's place for dinner. & I realised that we haven't stopped eating since we woke up. Goodness. Ian prepared steamboat for us! Beef, shrooms, veggies, the works! We even had sparkling wine. & we all made a toast. It was quite a sight. But it's so nice. 3 couples (Daryl & I, Ian & Karen, HuiSia & KianGap) sitting together for a meal I was really full but I managed to eat quite a lot.

& why is Ian's room so neat & clean? & why can he cook? & why can he wash? Huh huh huh? & why's Daryl's room so messy & there isn't any empty spot to be seen? Why can't he cook? Huh huh huh? But it's ok. :) I still love him. He just needs time to pick up those skills. Lol.

Baby darling. I miss you miss you. Come over earlier tomorrow! Wahahaha. I love being awakened in the morning like that. Gosh. That IS life. So nice & warm & cuddly & snuggly. Argh. Why was it only one night? Couldn't it be longer? Argh! & & &! We're like family now! The whole waking up & going for brunch thing with your parents. & your mom seems to be resigned to having me as her daughter-in-law! Haha! & you must feed me, not a BMW! Argh! I'm so proud of you! I don't know why! Don't be paranoid about some silly stuff k? It's in the past & it's not important at all. It's not going to change anything. I still love you. So much so much. *spreads arms wide open* This much! *eskimo's kiss* Heh. Goodness. It's gonna be our 7th monthsary soon! Wahahaha! & still so blissful! Why huh? Why huh?

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