Monday, January 24

Some taxi-drivers are just plain scary. The one I had scared me out real bad. I'm sure he had no intentions to scare me but he did. There I was, alone in the cab after Daryl alighted at Khatib Camp. & the taxi was just the usual loud engine whirring sound. & then the taxi-driver started humming. Softly at first, barely audible above the loud engine. Then his voice increased & he hummed louder. & it was some slow haunting Chinese song. He would sing a couple of lines or so, then hum again. & he was really weird.

& he kept adjusting the rear view mirror & throwing glances back & hum even louder. For a moment there, I really considered making a run for it. Then, when I finally reached after what seemed like eternity, & I was giving him the money & he suddenly said, 'Are you 18?'

Scary how he got it right at first guess. I nodded. & he continued, 'I could look 18. Really young. I remember when I was in NS, & my wife was about 17 or so. She was just like you.' & I was rather creeped out. Didn't know what he was driving at. I was still holding out my palm for the change. He went on, 'When I saw you, I was reminded of my wife.' & my skin crawled. Why was he speaking in the past tense? He gave me the change & I gave him a nod & hopped out of the cab & rushed to the lift lobby. He did freak me out.

Sooooo. Freaky taxi-drivers. Daryl had his night off today & so I went over & spent some time with him. We're practically joined at the hips or something. I remember how it was when I was at his place yesterday. He had to pick his mom up from a hair salon so he asked me to accompany him as well. We reached there, & conversation is as follow:

Daryl's mom: See! Come get me also need to drag her along! Haha!
Daryl's godma: Whyyyy? Are you all Siamese or something?
Daryl: Erm, haha. Yah yah.
Daryl's godma: Where? Later I check.

So yes. We are conjoined ok? Why why? Got a problem?

Saturday was great. I met up with my favourite girls - Vidz, Tiffy & Farhana wifey. Eme was supposed to come but she didn't in the end. We just walked around, window shopped & we acted like some lame-ass Blue groupies in the CD shop, sitting down & singing along to the Blue songs. Lol...& me & Vidz were so annoyed at the shop for not stocking Jason Mraz's Live DVD so we were contemplating whether we should go make a fuss. the end, we didn't coz' Vidz refused to accompany me.

They went to watch 'Alfie' but I went to watch 'Meet The Fockers' with Daryl which is, well, really funny. It's fab. It's way funnier than 'Meet The Parents'. & that's saying something. The baby in 'Meet The Fockers' is the cutest thing ever. He reminds me of the baby in 'Baby's Day Out'. :D I love babies!

Alright. I don't know why I'm so high now. I was such a grouch this afternoon in school discussing out shit-ass PR & POM. So why oh why am I so hyper now? Gah.

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