Saturday, January 22

-Edited because Daryl complaint that I made him sound gay-

Shopping shopping shopping. Daryl & I went shopping shopping yesterday. Well, it was more of him than me actually. He came & picked me up, & we went Ang Mo Kio to get some software & yeah, went back to his place to watch 'Meet The Parents' so that we can watch the sequel.

& then his dad drove us to Ginza Plaza to buy some ingredients for his restaurant & wow. I felt like I was in a roller-coaster ride. I mustered up all my strength to stop myself from grabbing Daryl's hand, squeeze my eyes shut & scream. Haha. His dad is a...race-car driver or summat.

Went town & then we started on our shopping spree because Daryl's mom gave him the card to charge his purchases to so yeah, he was happy. He bought a pair of Levi's & we took ages in the shop because well, we disagreed a lot. But hell, we're so compromising, things worked out in the end.

Daryl trying on a pair of 515: This pair is nice.
Me: Nooooo! You're swimming in those! They're sooooo huge. So ugly. So baggy.
Daryl: It's comfortable ok?
Me: No it's not. It's ugly. Let's try another pair.
Daryl in a pair of 519: It looks tapered! *gives disgusted look*
Me: It's nice ok? You look decent in it.
Daryl: It's so tight!
Me: That's what you said about the Samuel & Kevins I got you ok?
Daryl: But this is tighter!
Me: It's nicer!
Daryl: I prefer the 515!
Me: I don't want to be seen with you if you wear that! What?! Hip-hop wannabe ah?

So we came out, & asked the sales fella whether they have something like the 519 except that it's looser around the thighs & the guy said that all regular straight are like that. They're supposed to be well, really straight.

Daryl: *mumbles mumbles*
Me: Wah lau! You damn troublesommmmeeee. *flips through the other pairs*
-2 Levi's sales guys tried to intervene & explained the different cuts they have-
Daryl: She's complaining.
-Levi's guys' sympathetic looks-
Me: So now how? Get the 515 if you like lah!
Daryl: Erm, ok. I'll take this. *grabs the 519*
Me: No lah! Don't get what I like. Get what you like lahhhhh!
Daryl: I like this what!
Me: It's tight & uncomfortable!
Daryl: I'll get used to it! It's nicer!
Me: No! Get the one you prefer!
Daryl: I prefer this!
Me: Liar!
-Levi's sales guys' bemused faces-

& well, so we went on. All the way to the counter. & even the cashier was so amused the way we were arguing all the way. Who says we don't fight? We do ok? Lol...

& he bought another pair of berms & a tee-shirt. Wanted to watch 'Meet The Fockers' but the timing was all wrong so didn't. Went to Bugis instead & then sadly enough, I couldn't find anything I like in most of the shops. Decided to eat first & we went Sakae Sushi.'s always the same. Sakae, Pastamania. Sakae, Pastamania.

I eventually bought a white skirt from Urban & Co. & then we headed back to his place coz' there was nothing else to do. His sis was at home & she gave me this brand new top she bought which she claims that none of her friends could fit in coz' it's small. & I wore it & well, whatdya know! It's slightly too big for me. It's a size 8! I'm a size 6! But I like the top. It's slightly ruffled, & it's buttons-down.

Meeting Vidz & the gang in an hour's time. So happy! It's Awesome Fivesome again! I miss that lot! Tiffy Wiffy, Farhana (did you bomb your hair? :P), Eme, Vidz & me! Lol...

& I'm off to another shopping trip today at probably Mango & Topshop. Don't look at me like that. It's Chinese New Year clothes! :)

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