Wednesday, January 19

Ethan's photos are up! If you don't know who Ethan is, he's the youngest drummer in Singapore. He's at the tender age of 5, & he's amazing. He didn't even learn it professionally or whatsoever. He picked it up by ear. How amazing!

The photos are of him performing outside Paragon. He's way cute, he's professional to his fans, he's a crowd-pleaser & he's gonna grow up to...ummm, please a lot of...girls. It sounds wrong. As in, well, the girls are gonna love him! I know Gracie does. She fantasises about him. Hell, I wouldn't even mind Ethan's 2 year-old brother, Noah, who is so cherubic & from what I've heard & seen (Gracie sent me a short vid of Noah playing the drums), he's gonna be Ethan's successor. He's another prodigy as well. Can't speak but drums like he has been doing it since forever.

What did you say? Paedophilic intentions? Says who?

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