Sunday, January 16

Warning: I'm gonna be raving about the most wonderful fella on earth - namely my boyfriend, & if you cannot stand mushiness or is a pathetic loner who doesn't like reading about other people's lovelife, please click on the 'x' on the top right-hand corner of the browser window & have a nice day.

That aside, we went to celebrate our 6th monthsary today. It's on Tuesday but seeing he's stuck serving Singapore, we decided that it has to be today (we only have Saturdays, don't seem much of a choice to us). & so the day began.

He picked me up at noon, even though the day before, we were just being really grumpy & all. Me pmsing, & him being affected as well. But today, we put all that aside & just spent time together.

Went over to his place first & his parents weren't up yet. So we played Larry for a while but alas! It hung. So he was really being gleeful about it as he wanted to play his MetalGear & all. Like I said, him being more in love with his PS2 than anything, or anyone else... :P

So I set about to ignore him as well & I repainted my nails there. Bwahaha. Ignore me? 2 can play at the game! He gave in though, & he helped me paint the nails on my right hand due to my useless left hand.

Suddenly, we had the mad urge to eat chicken rice for lunch. & not just any chicken rice, mind you. Chicken rice at Far East Plaza. We heard it call out to us so we promptly set out & took a bus down. & saw the queue. Decided to wait anyway coz' we were craving. Finally, the best chicken rice (in my opinion).

Then we went round searching for a nice backpack for my brother as his birthday present. Walked to Taka, (bumping into Stephanie, whom I always see after eating chicken rice & I'm not kidding because this is the 3rd time), & then went Royal Sporting House & no, they've got real ugly bags. Went to Adidas to get it instead. It's rather nice. I mean, it's simple & nice & Daryl chipped in as well.

Off we went to Cine (well, our main purpose was to take those silly Jap cards thingy at the machines because I was complaining that I don't have a single picture of him) & on the way, saw the 5 year-old prodigy Ethan. He was just banging away on the drums & he's the cutest thing on earth & I must have snapped 2 million pictures of him. Gracie loves him as well. Paedophilic intentions? Lol...I'll put the pics up soon.

Decided to pop into the House of Condoms just for the kick of it & we just pointed & laughed at quite a lot of stuff. Really amusing stuff people come up with. & I saw all these bondage sets (complete with ankle & wrist restrains, & a lot of leather) & thought of Skye in her leather jacket. Haha. & then the strangest thing happened. This couple walked in & I thought that guy was my friend & well, it would have been awkward but Daryl thought it was his friend & turned out he's right.

Daryl: Erm, haha...hello, walking around ah?
Friend: Ummm...yah. Haha...
Friend's girlfriend: Of all the places to meet, this is so NOT the place to be.
Friend: Erm, oooops.
All of us: *awkward laughter all around*

Really weird. Then then. Finally got to Cine & realised that there was a charity concert going on & Electrico was gonna be there. So we waited for like, more than 2 hours just for Electrico.

JA: & Electrico's coming up next!

He said that for like, 2 hours! So we waited. & then Electrico came the finale. What the hell. But oh wells, it was worth it. They're freaking good. But we wasted too much time there & we were running late for dinner & all.

Took those silly cards & I've got them in my wallet now. :)

Went to his parents' restaurant to get the car. Went to Chijmes, no parking space. So went to Swissotel (wanted to eat at Prego's) but no parking space either. Why was everyone in town?! It sorta ruined our mood coz' I found out that he has overnight training for the next 3 weeks & it's pure torture. So we were all grumpy & we got really silly. Ended up at Esplanade where we shared pasta & banana split. Had to go get his parents soon after so we went back to Cuppage Plaza & they all drove me home.

& like I told Daryl, it's not how we spend our time together. It's the fact that I'm spending it with him. I'll just feel contented watching TV at his place with him or something. It's the company that matters. & none can be better company than he is.

He bought me something for our 6th monthsary, even though I told him not to. But he got me something I've had my eye on for quite some time now & it really made me smile. & he's spending way too much money on me but he argued saying that it's an 'investment'. Silly billy.

Darling, haven't done this for a very long time, have I? Anyway...*pinches your nose* I'm floundering helplessly in love so don't you dare be paranoid. I'll spank you. :) & thanks for smiling for the picture. I know it took you quite some effort eh? Bleargh. I don't care what you say. I'll cling onto you like mad. Then you'll have to shake me off coz' I'll seem like an extra growth on your arm. Lol...& don't say it's an 'investment'! Remember, you're supposed to make loads of money & let me be a tai-tai & play mahjong, remember? So I have plenty of more time to spend your money so stop disallowing me to pay for anything now. You're making me feel really horrendous. silly ninny who thinks too much. Don't anymore. Remember how we compare? We'll honeymoon till we can't anymore! :D *muackz*

& if you just read that & is complaining/bitching/sniggering, well, 2 words. Fuck off. Butt out. No one forced you to read it in the first place. :) Have a nice day.

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