Wednesday, January 12

I just returned from a 2 hour conversation at Mac with Ting. She almost blew me off again but we did meet up at Bukit Panjang Plaza anyway & we just stayed at Macs & chatted. I haven't seen her for so long & we haven't had a chance to catch up & all &...she's my best friend. Gah.

So there we were, chatting & laughing like the old times & we talked about everything but most of the time, we talked about Daryl & HongQuan. We used to share the smallest details with each other & that doesn't change even though we have such a short time to summarise everything that happened in the last few months. But we delved into the smaller details anyway & I had a blast with her. She got me pretty dangly earrings from Bits & Pieces as a Christmas prez. Yes, I know, long overdued. But I haven't seen her since...I can't even remember when. Lol...

Before she arrived, there I was rushing into the toilet of Macs & this stupid secondary school boy swivelled 270 degrees to stare at me. & I was rather annoyed but I went into the toilet anyway & one of his girl friends came into the toilet, looked at me & went back out & I heard a lot of chatter. I walked past them & he did his stupid 270 degrees turn again. Wanted to dig his eyeballs out & said, 'I'M OLDER THAN YOU, YOU LITTLE KID!' So I got a drink & waited for Ting to arrive & they continued staring. So fine, I played the staring game with them till Ting arrived & they left hurriedly.

& halfway through our conversation, this true blue ah-lian (the clothes, the hair, the face...& the way she speaks) came in & said in ah-lian speak:

Ah lian: Aye, wo peng you yao ren shi ni ke yi ma? (Aye, my friend wants to know you, can or not?)

Me: *shakes head* Bu ke yi. Wo bu ren shi ta. (Cannot. I don't even know him.)

Ah lian: Suo yi ta yao ren shi ni lah! (That's why he wants to know you!)

Me: *shakes head* Bu ke yi. (Cannot.)

Ah lian: Zuo mo neh? Ni you stead ah? (Why leh? You got stead ah?)

Me: ...I have a BOYFRIEND. Anyway, I'm older than you all! (thinking that it was the same secondary school kid just now)

Ah lian: Huh? But ta er shi sui liao leh! (Huh? But he's 20 leh!)

Me: Ummm. Never mind. No.

& I just stared at Ting & we were like, TRUE BLUE AH LIAN! I bet the guy's an ah beng too. I didn't bother to see where he was. What the hell? I DO NOT HAVE A STEAD. I am NOT going STEADY with Daryl. I have a proper relationship with my boyfriend. What the hell. It just further reminds me of Jeff & Vidhya saying, 'Will you be my ah lian? *bursts into histerical guffaws*' I am traumatised by ah beng-lian speak. Don't traumatise me further.

I don't know why that happens to me. I hope it's not because I look like an ah lian or whatsoever.

Anyway, Ting is still bimbotic. Heh. HongQuan just passed his driving test & she said, 'He needs to go learn reverse driving.' Right. How cool. So he can be the odd one out driving in a one-way street right? & she just laughed at herself & told me how a conversation with her friend went.

Friend: Aye, I saw Darren in the club alone.

Ting: Huh! Alone with who?


Lol...see? That's Ting. Jessica used to call her an air-head. I just looked at her & said, 'You are such a bimbo. Tsk.'

Still sick. & even though I was having a grumpy day, being able to catch up with my bestie made my day. :)

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