Sunday, January 9

Wahaha! My new computer is going to arrive tomorrow! Finally! A flat screen! My old computer died, if you must know. New comp, new comp. But the RAM is only 256 so I gotta go buy extra RAM till it hits 512.

Yesterday, Daryl picked me up & we went West Mall's Harvey Norman to get my new comp. After which, we went Ang Mo Kio & he bought like 3 new PS2 games. Went back home with loads of food & I was prepared to be neglected because of those games. But I ended up playing his PS2 as well. Larry is so much fun. It's well, sick, lame but really funny. & those babes in the game are HOT. Both real people (they show the real chicks while loading) & the animations. I had such a kick out of playing Larry. We played Larry from 1+ all the way till 5+. Wanted to watch 'Meet The Fockers' at J8 but alas! It was raining so we didn't & stayed at his place till dinner.

Had...Pastamania for dinner. Surprise surprise!

The strangest convo between the both of us:

Daryl: I have range tomorrow. If I do well, I get $200 & another day off.
Me: Yay! Think of me when you shoot ok?
Daryl: ...I don't think so.
Me: Oh. Erm, yeah. Don't think of me when you shoot, please.

He's coming over tonight. Well, actually, I asked him over for dinner but then my parents are both sick so I'm not sure whether my mom'll be up for cooking so in the end, he's coming over after settling his own dinner. I feel kinda bad. But there's always next week & all.

& we're approaching our 6th monthsary in about 9 more days. A milestone. & we're all excited about it because we have talked about this so many times before & it's finally here. :)

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