Thursday, January 6

I saw Yix on 920 this morning. God, I miss that girl. I miss our chats on the bus home from Crescent. I miss her. She's sweet, unpretentious & she listens without giving those advice which you know but you can't heed for personal reasons. I miss her like crazy.

Vidz texted me. I miss that girl. Awesome Foursome's supposed to go out tomorrow. That includes Tiffy. But Vidz has an attachment till 4 & I have TV Production at 6. So we can't meet up tomorrow. Nor next Friday coz' I still have TV Production. So it'll have to be 2 weeks from now. I haven't seen them for so long now, & we're supposed to go out since ages ago. I miss them all, especially Vidz who always makes my day. Sigh.

I'm suddenly having severe Crescent withdrawal symptoms. It's just one of those days.

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