Sunday, January 2

Went PS yesterday to watch 'Kung Fu Hustle' with Daryl. The show's well...lame but funny. In a very typical Stephen Chow way, obviously.

So, there we were walking around, in search of the pants I want. Went to 3 different Giordano outlets but no. All 3 of them ran out of stock. Blasted. Just not my day. But I bought a pretty white belt. & Daryl got a brown one.

Waited for his parents coz' we were supposed to go for dinner together. They came to Taka to pick us up & I was told we were going to a Japanese restaurant somewhere in Bukit Timah. But no one told me how high class it was gonna be.

Reached there & oh my god. The restaurant is locked. You can't get in. So we pressed the door bell & this guy came out & asked us whether we had any reservations. We didn't, but Daryl's dad knows the main chef there so we were ushered in & quietly sat at the counter because we were wearing an assortment of shorts, bermudas & slippers & those are not allowed there.

I was told that if you don't have any reservation, you wouldn't be allowed in even if you're some big shot. & their hours are split shift. They're opened from noon to 2.15, then again from 7 to 10. & they have valet service. & the whole place is dimly lit & curtained in all sides. & the waiters milled around in SUITS. What the? It was so quiet. & I was so oppressed. I sat ramrod straight. Didn't dare to move a muscle. The whole place reeks of class.

The food is fab. & so are the prices. I looked at the menu, freaked & didn't dare to order anything. We left it to his dad. & then we were served this DELICIOUS pomelo drink which has a bit of alcohol in it. The dishes came & gosh, were they exotic. We had beef, Jap porridge, we had fish liver (which we didn't take a liking to), his parents had sashimi (but we didn't coz' we don't take raw food), & we had this thing called blue fish which tastes great, & we had some disgusting thing which Daryl's dad told us, was tofu. I took a bite. It didn't taste remotely like tofu. So the chef told us it's fish brain. & well, we believed it. That wasn't the worst part. His dad later revealed that it's well, the balls of the fish or something. We were mortified. Took gulps of water to wash away the funny creamy thing that oozed out of the stuff. Ewch.

But I must say, the food is fantastic. & the service is well, first-class. The moment you enter, they'll pull out the chair for you, & they'll change your plate like every other dish. You're catered to every second. & when I needed to go to the Ladies, I was escorted there (& their toilet is the funkiest thing ever. I can't explain it but the design is way unique), & the moment I opened the door, the waitress escorted me back to my seat, promptly pulled out the chair & pushed it in when I was seated, & changed my hot towel.

:) So there, a dinner worth remembering.

Daryl's coming over so I'd better go.

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