Saturday, January 1

Happy New Year! I guess. It's not really that happy after all, in the wake of the tragedy. However, I suppose we still have to keep our chins up. Another year. Hopefully, a much better year than before.

How did I spend New Year? I spent it with an intially grumpy Daryl. He was supposed to book out before 4 but in the end, only managed to book out at 8+ & was by then highly pissed off at everything. He came down, & we went to Tempura Village for a late dinner. The food there is really good, & by no means, much more affordable than the stupid Jap restaurant we went to before in Esplanade.

We got a bottle of Jim Beam & went down to his place. Sat & waited till midnight which was really weird since I spent almost every year watching the live telecast of the countdown but then again, because of what had happened, it had been cancelled. I don't mind that, since it's a mark of respect but I especially cannot stand selfish people who think about no one else except themselves (& I know exactly who I'm talking about & I'm still annoyed & I'll get back to that).

After we yelled 'Happy New Year' at each other in a retarded way (which reminded me of the Budweiser ad where the crew yelled 'Wazzup!' at each other in an equally retarded way), we dropped right back to sleep all the way till 2+, when his parents came home.

& I realised it's the little things that make you happy. His mom grinned & wished me a happy new year & grabbed me in a hug & I was positively glowing. That hug made my day & I was happy all my way back home (his dad drove me home because Daryl was so out of it, he knocked out in the car) & am still rather happy now. :)

Poor Daryl woke up at 4.45AM yesterday morning & then by 2+, was so frazzled because he had officially not slept for 22 hours. He looked as if someone hit him over the head with a bat. But it's ok, though we spent New Year as a quiet affair (just like we did for Christmas), I like it better this way. No crowds, no noise. I absolutely hate crowds. Just a quiet night with him. That's more than enough, really.

Ok, let me rant about some selfish people like a certain girl I know online. She was ranting about how the Countdown has been cancelled on TV & I said that I am indeed disappointed but it was expected with all that had happened. & I said no one would really want to watch celebrations after days of destruction & deaths on TV. & she dared say she wants to watch the celebrations because she wants to see the Singapore Idols sing. & I was absolutely seething by then because her attitude & the way she said things was just plain inconsiderate & selfish. & I told her that she wouldn't be affected of course, because she doesn't have missing relatives. & I told her calmly that people who have been mourning for days, & worrying over missing relatives, crying their hearts out because of loss of loved ones would not exactly appreciate switching on the TV & watching half of Singapore packed into Sentosa having fun & she sort of shut up after that. How selfish can you get? Just because you want to watch the Singapore Idols? I mean, honestly. Eargh. She makes me sick.

So so so. Nuff' of that. I'm still smiley. That hug did wonders for me. What a way to start 2005!

On a side note, I left my phone (& along with it, my ring) at Daryl's place because we woke up to abruptly & then we sort of left our brains scattered everywhere as well. So forgot loads of stuff. If you happen to be trying to contact me, terribly sorry. I'll get it back as soon as I see him, which will probably be later on.

Happy 2005 fer ya all!

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