Wednesday, December 29

The tsunami which swept over some parts of Asia, leaving in its wake-destruction.

Has it taught us anything? Like how Gracie asked God(although I don't believe in one), 'What's your point, really?'

We don't know for sure. But the tsunami seemed to convey something.

You can wage war against any one, anoy country at all. You can fight for days, weeks, months or even years. But the devastation will not even come close to what nature can do in a matter of minutes. Within a few minutes, they can take dozens of lives, make thousands homeless.

You can fight against anything. But you can never fight nature.

This tsunami has united the world. Dusty was glad I'm alright. The Americans are apparently at the edge of their seats, praying that their friends turn out fine. He's glad I'm fine. I'm glad I'm fine. We're glad we're fine. But can we detach ourselves from what's happening in such close proximity to us? It seems so real, yet so unreal.

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