Thursday, February 3

Happy Birthday to the one & only - Ting! You're 19! Yay!

Can't ask for a better best friend than this sweetheart. 4 years of bestie-dom. :) I know, even though she's almost always busy with her boyfriend *coughs significantly*, I appreciate little things like coming over after school & watching over me when Yuen Hong & I broke up. I think you may have been through every failed relationship I had.

I love you so much! *muah* Even though you're such an airhead but I still love ya! Heh.

Erm, this was taken like 3 years ago when Felix was both my tutor & my erm, boyfriend. Ahaha. The Powerpuff Girls. Or so we forced the name upon us.

At prom. Nuff' said.

Haha! How can you not love this girl?

Good luck with your As this year hun! I'll probably visit you during the Chinese New Year or summat. & your birthday prezzie! *hugz* Love love. Tell Hong Quan not to be selfish & share! :D

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