Saturday, March 26

I'm skipping around coz' my bestie came & visit me! Heh.

She was dressed for town but then decided to pop by first...& we chatted & laughed & spent some time together. I love her to bits. We're always evil to each other but deep down, we LOVE each other.

& she's so skinny now. Poor girl. She looks like she's starving. Eh, I'm gonna scold her boyfriend for not feeding her.

& we always say stupid things to each other that no one would find funny, but we think it's funny.

Sam: Ohhh, you've got a watch!
Ting: He bought it for me. I never used to wear a watch!
Sam: Oh yah. I remember. Ho Ting's standard time is 2 hours behind everyone.
Ting: *laughs*
Sam: & this is such a complicated watch! Are you sure you can read it? Aye, need me to teach you how to read the time?
Ting: *laughs* Should get digital one for me right?
Sam: Yah! You need big proper numbers.

I'm happy coz' I got to see my bestie! I love you so much Ting! *muah*

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