Friday, March 25

Yesterday, we went to school for just an hour of PR. & she didn't even take attendance. Gah. But ok, at least we did some preparations for the exam.

So we all went for lunch at SIM & it's sad knowing that it's the last time we'll be in the same class. Some of us that is.

& then I spent an hour with YY at the bus-stop just chatting. & it's really kind of a deep conversation. & it was good to talk to her like that.

Went to town to join Elle & Skye came & Darrelle couldn't join us because of a mishap. Sigh. Ah wells.

We walked around a bit, but the weather was a bitch so we mostly sat & consumed 2 gallons of liquid.

I went off to meet Andre(w) afterwards & I'm so glad. He's like the big brother I never had. :) I haven't seen him for sucha long time & we just crapped a whole lot. We ate at Pastamania & walked around, & then went to CoffeeBean at Borders & talked somemore. He cheered me up because I had a disagreement with Daryl. & then I don't know, I was really quite annoyed & upset & all when Daryl called & yeah, I was just letting my emotions overwhelm me.

We're ok now, I think. I don't know, we're still disagreeing but we just have different mindsets, & if we want to make things work, we'll have to try & compromise.

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