Sunday, March 13

My magazine group is fun.

Last Wednesday, we went crazy.

Amanda showing us this Pitbull Terrier:

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Amanda: Looks like Leon right?
Valerie & me: AHAHAHAHAHA!
Leon (from the other table) *looks over*: What are you all laughing abo...? HEY! That dog looks like me!

*10 seconds worth of stunned silence*


& the rest of the evening passed by with us being really mad hatters. I was trying to scare them all with my impersonation of Sadako. Ok, I was trying to scare everyone who walked past us in the atrium.

& then we needed photos of dogs for a section in our magazine. & the 4 of us were contacting friends who have dogs. &...I asked Valerie the stupidest question.

Me: *scrolling through phonebook* Does YanYing have a dog?
Val: ...let's ask her!

So Val called YanYing & the first thing she asked YanYing was,
'What breed is your dog?' & YY was confused for such a long period of time.

YY: What bitch is my dog?
Val: NOOO! Breed!
YY: B-r-e-e-d?
Val: Duh!
YY: I don't have a dog!
Val: You do!

& after loads of confusion on YY's part, Val relented & hung up.

3 seconds later, Val called YY again from Leon's phone & asked her the exact same question.

& following that, we called JieWei for YY's house number & pulled the same trick on JieWei too.

Val: Thanks (for the number)! By the way, what breed's your dog?
JieWei: I have a dog?
Val: Yah lah! The one you always send me through MSN one lah!
JieWei: ...really? I have a dog?

& then we called YY's house number & asked her again & she played along this time & said that her dog was a bulldog called Val & she has piercings.

We called Shaun too & made him so confused.

That night, Amanda, Valerie & I texted YY at the same time & asked her what breed her dog is. & she threatened to send all of us to the hospital. Lol.

& that, was the joke of the day. Or week. Or month. We're still at it. :)

So...what breed is your dog?

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