Wednesday, March 9

Thank you Andre(w) & Ting, we're ok now. It was just a huge drama that we didn't expect.

I have some really sweet friends. Andre(w), whom I haven't seen since...early last year (or late 2003?) is always there. He wanted to call me but didn't dare to coz' he thought I needed some time alone. Thank you, Andre(w) for being such a good buddy! :) & thank you for putting up with me calling you Andre!

Ting, I'm sorry I've been so horribly busy but we'll meet up soon k? Next week's the last week of school fer me so yesh, we shall meet up! I'll make time for my bestie! :) Thanks for smsing me & letting me know that you're concerned. I love ya!

& of coz', my silly boyfriend. We're back to normal now...whatever happened shall be part of history. Nothing more, nothing less. :)

We're the weirdest couple.

Him: I'm off to the showers. Are you going to sleep?
Me: Hmmm, I think I'll just let blood rush to my head. *hangs upside down from side of the bed*
Him: Bah.

I finished 1/4 of what I have to do! Yay! I shall heed Jason's advice & 'Sleep All Day'. :)

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