Saturday, April 9

Back! Haha. Like whatever right? I bet no one realises that I even went away.

I spent 3 full days & 2 full nights joint at the hip with the love of my life. Nope, not Jason Mraz. Not Raul either. Stayed over at someplace with Daryl on Thursday. Before that, we went for brunch with Ian at Far East Plaza for...chicken rice (I can feel Gracie rolling her eyes behind me). Dropped Ian off at Great World City & then we went over to Daryl's place first. Hung around a bit before we went off to Cine to get tickets for 'The Pacifier' & then went off to get the car (YAY!). Dropped off our stuff at the place we were staying at & then went to Sim Lim Square for dinner & to search for 'Escape from Monkey Island'. Well, if you know where you can find this game, do let me know coz' I'm desperate for it. I had it but I used to play it so much, it can't even be read anymore. So yup. The shop at Sim Lim had it but it was out of stock so I have to wait. Drats.

Watched the midnight screening of 'The Pacifier' which is surprisingly good. I mean, I never liked Vin Diesel (too much of a beefcake for me) but damn. He's hot. He really is! & he's really cute in the show. & come on, anything with cute babies like Bo & Luke Vince has gotta be good! I do like the show, even with its predictable plot & its cliche lines, it's a typical heart-warming Walt Disney picture that induces 'awwws'.

On Friday, we went back to Sim Lim Square because after contemplating for so long, Daryl decided to get his DVD-CDRW combo drive(his sister agreed to sponsor that) & also his stupid Act of War game. & we went back to his place & he promptly set about installing his drive & all & ignored me for 3 hours playing his game. So I thought, 'Fine' & went to bed. Phooey.

After that, we had a major fight. Hahaha. Gotcha there. We fought as in, we were practically wrestling each other. Ouch. & then the knocks probably made me stupid & I was blabbering & was in tears & he was so worried that I had gone 'mentally unsound' but nah, I was just voicing out what I felt. Had chicken rice (I think I have something against chicken) at Junction 8 & we bought a birthday present & a card for his mom (whose birthday is today). A nice pretty little Precious Moments figurine. :) & we bought a Chocolate Truffle cake too! As you can probably see, Daryl is REALLY close to his mom. :) I like.

So we went back & fought over the card (he left me with such little space to write) & then lazed around eating chips & watching some Taiwanese variety show till his parents came back & we wanted to surprise her with the cake but she saw it while we were trying to light the candles. Lol. & we all sang her the birthday song & his parents are so cute!

Daryl's mom to Daryl's dad: Aye look! I'm Number 1! (showing off the Precious Moments figurine which shows a little boy holding out a trophy with the words 'No. 1' below it & Daryl's bubble letters 'Number 1' in the card) You're Number 2! Wahahaha!
Daryl's dad: ...
Daryl: lah! Both of you are Number 1 ok? When daddy's birthday come around, he'll also be Number 1!

:) & his mom kissed me on the cheek after reading the card! Whoot!

Sooooooo. We cuddled up & sleep after watching more tv (we ended up watching WWE).

& today, his family took me to his grandma's place to try her mee sua coz' Daryl was boasting so much about it. Yes yes, it's good! A lot of ingredients! :) I feel like part of the family already! Whoot!

& now I'm back home & I need sleep. & I need a job. I called up those which placed ads in the papers but most of them are either commission-based or they need someone who can work for longer than 6 weeks. Phooey. I need to find one soon coz' I'm like flat-broke lah!

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