Wednesday, April 6

Spent the day with Daryl again of coz'. We're seeing each other so much, we're going to be mistaken us Siamese again.

Anyway, we met later than usual because I had to parade around the living room when my mom gets back just to remind her of my existence. Just in case she forgets.

& then Daryl came & pick me up & we went over to his place first while he 'tested' his new game (for a couple of hours I must add) on his PS2. Went down to town after that & wanted to have an early dinner coz' we were both hungry so we were considering all these places like 'Phin's Steakhouse' & that Jap steamboat restaurant at Cine as well but alas! The promotion at Pastamania was too alluring & we had to have the 'Buddy Special' (*sniggers sniggers*)! 2 pasta/pizza, 2 soups, 2 drinks & a banana dessert pizza all at only $16.20 nett! Yes, Gracie is right. I'm so easy to feed coz' I'm happy with just pasta pasta chicken rice pasta pasta chicken rice. Damn, I'm boring.

Daryl was restless coz' he wanted to buy this game - 'Act of War' badly but he wasn't too sure whether his PC supports the DVD format so he didn't. & I''m glad he didn't coz' his computer doesn't but now he's all grumpy coz' he wants to play that game (which is just like ANY OTHER war game) really badly. Went hunting for my sis's very belated birthday present & guess what I caught Daryl doing?




He was tapping his foot along to Tata Young. I knew it was Tata Young (I'm blessed with a good sense of sound recognition) from the moment I walked into the shop. & I decided to let him off this time round & didn't tease him about Tata Young at all. But he had to spoil it all. I was squatting down at a lower display & his tapping foot caught my eye & I stared at it for some time before bursting out in laughter (which got the other 2 customers staring). & I told him matter-of-factly, 'You're tapping your foot to Tata Young & you still insists you don't like her, you closet fan.' & he looked miffed. He was trying to deny & going like, 'Are you sure it's Tata Young?' So I bought the stuff & asked the cashier casually, 'By the way, are you all playing Tata Young?' & she said yes & I walked away smirking while Daryl was following behind (still looking miffed). There. After all these months of relentless teasing, he has proven to me that he is indeed a Tata Young fan. Lol.

& soooooo. Went for a short tour at his parents' new restauarant (in Cuppage as well) & it surprises us that it's a totally different concept.

Came home early today. & we went to the pasar malam again to buy junk food. Tea egg, drumsticks, Ramly burgers, fish balls, seaweed chicken...anything oily & unhealthy we could get our hands on. & contrary to what Val said, it is VERY romantic to stroll hand in hand along the crowded pavements with the bright flourescent lights shining into your eyes & little kids running over your toes & the stalls playing loud techno music. It's VERY romantic, really. You should try it sometime too.

Now I'm off to bed. I have a 9 AM Final Cut Pro tutorial in school. Very well.

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