Tuesday, April 5

Need Daryl Goh Bing Bing finally came back to Singapore after 3 weeks of pure torture in India. I'm not being a country-cist here but he had a culture shock. He was telling me how the houses were like cloth covered stilts & the people there are all squatters & such. & yes, he missed me. :) Ok fine, I miss him too. Heh. & since he came back on Friday, I've seen him EVERY single day till today.

If not for Comm Iss paper on Friday, I could have picked him up. But oh wells! Comm Iss paper (which was okkaaaayyyy, not too bad, but wasn't all that great either), & then CTV meeting. & then yes, on my way to see my darling. & I had to do stupid things like losing my way. I carefully took the buses...& then walked like half a mile to the next bus-stop with every intention of taking 410. Realised that there was NO 410 after reaching there in sweat & all. So I gave up & took a cab. I mean, how stupid was that? Pui.

So yep. He's back back back! We just spend Friday at his place coz' he was tired & all. & then at night, we were back at the airport again to save his sister's life. She had a flight & forgot to bring her cabin crew pass so we went there (godspeed) & saved her life. :) & we went to the pasar malam & bought loads of food. Killing our bodies with those junk but hell. We've only one life. Live it.

Saturday, we wanted to go out & all & we were checking timings for movies & such but we got too lazy & didn't. So we ended up spending the whole day at his place save for dinner at Pastamania at Junction 8.

On Sunday, I decided to be a supportive sister & went for the NCC Affirmation Ceremony at the Indoors Stadium. & within the first few minutes, we were bored to tears. Ian came & left after like, half an hour. Kian Gap left even before the thing started. & then Mazlinah & Daryl & I had to sit through it & it was how retarded lah! They had some community singing thing & they made them sing 'One Love' & all this nonsense. & we kept laughing & giggling when young little 13 year olds did stupid things like jumping when they sang 'Reach'. & Daryl was traumatised. He claimed that the Affirmation Ceremony was really solemn & they changed it this year. Well yeah, spice things up a little. But the IFO was cool. & so was the rappeling. I wanted so much to be up there & rappeling as well. It looks damn fun. & after that stupid ceremony was over, I found my brother & we went to PS & had...Pastamania again. Wow. Twice in a row. I can eat this EVERYDAY. Lol.

& Monday! Monday Monday Monday! We had breakfast while it was pouring hippos out there. YaKun makes my day. Lol. & then lazed a bit more before heading down to Cine to watch 'Robots'. It was pretty funny. Sardonic humour beats toilet humour. But then, the Caucasian couple next to us were sucking on each other's lips & it was sort of distracting. They were really into it & Daryl kept looking over at them & I was openly staring. It would have been fine if they were subtle but no. They were practically slobbering over each other & their hands were all over each other & I thought I was in for some porn but no. At least they knew when to stop. Haha.

Had chicken rice at Far East (finally, something other than pasta!) & walked around a bit more. Wanted to pop by his parents' new restaurant but figured we were too lazy so we didn't. & then we headed back to his place & I proceeded to dump everything out of his wardrobe, refold them & stack them back in (took pretty long actually & his wardrobe is like how dusty). & I think I'm a pretty scary girlfriend. I told him (warningly, with a finger in his face) that if ever I see that his wardrobe is messy again, he would have to refold them & put them back. So there! Don't mess (pun pun pun) with me. :)

I'm seeing baby again tomorrow. Tomorrow tomorrow. He has a week off until next Monday so yep! He's mine for the week! :) & whilst we're out having fun, we have to save for his 1.6k phone bill. Yep you heard it. 1.6k phone bill. Smart move. But it was due to some miscalculations. So now he's paying his mom back bit by bit. Horrisome figure. 1.6k. You know how many Indian families it can feed? Tsk.

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