Wednesday, April 20

I have a secret to let on.

I seemed to have found a new fetish. I like...nose licking. What were you thinking of?

Yes, nose licking. :) I don't like my nose being licked but I like licking noses. Particularly Daryl's.

I get a huge kick when I lick his nose suddenly, & he startles. & he would glare at me & look around frantically for something to wipe his wet nose on (he usually ends up using the hem of his shirt). & how he would then complain about the smell of saliva.

AHAHAHAHA. I get a kick out of doing that. Coz' I know it irritates the hell out of him & he's really cute when he's irritated.

Man, I love licking noses.

Argh! Don't discriminate me just because I like licking noses ok?

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