Sunday, April 17

Sometimes, I feel as if Daryl doesn't give me enough affection & all. I know he loves me but sometimes, when I feel all paranoid & insecure, I can't tell.

Today for example, he was really tired & while we were watching 'The Incredibles' again at his place, he was nodding off. & he decided to sleep in his sister's room (we were watching it in her room) & I felt ignored for an hour plus. There I was trying to wake him up, & then I went back to his room & sulk for an hour hoping he'd come in anytime soon. He didn't. & I sulked. & when he finally woke up & showered, I was really grumpy by then. I was annoyed coz' if he had wanted to sleep in, he could have offered a time which suits him the best instead of asking me to choose what time to meet (I chose 11AM). & when we do meet, he spent more than an hour of it sleeping. I was really annoyed.

But it soon dispelled after buying my dad's birthday cake in town, & then we had to go meet my sis & my brother-in-law to get the mahjong table. Yes, we (all 5 of us - my sis, my brother-in-law, my brother, Daryl & me) bought my dad a mahjong table & a mahjong tile set for his birthday. We went to Bukit Merah for steamboat dinner after that (& I feel like Daryl is part of the family, really!) & upon returning to my place, Daryl had to go off to pick up his parents from work.

So we haven't even cut the cake yet. & my sis kept insisting he comes back later on to play mahjong as well. & even though he was so tired & he was yawning the entire time, he sent his parents back home, showered & drove back here.

For me.

I was a little sulky when he said he was too tired to come back coz' I didn't spend much time with him today. Not like an hour more here will make a difference but you know me. I'm just clingy. I'm pretty clingy & leech-like if I do say so myself.

I didn't want to force him so I asked him to try. If he was too tired, it's ok. I would understand. But he managed to drive all the way back here at a quarter past midnight despite being so sleepy & all. We cut the cake, & didn't even play mahjong (simply watched my sis & my brother-in-law & my dad play) coz' he looked as if he was going to knock out soon.

& he actually came down all the way here just for an hour plus. For me.

It's a little gesture like this which shows a lot. It shows what a wonderful boyfriend I have. & it shows that I'm lucky to have a gem like him. :) I can't stop smiling & marveling at my luck.

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