Friday, May 27

Despite little outbursts that I have, emotional meltdowns that I can't control, I know that I'm blessed.

I have parents who love me even though they can be such a pain in the ass sometimes (or most of the time - curfews, allowance, computer usage, parental problems like that). I know they do coz' even when my mom was nagging & nagging at me from the living room, she asked my brother to ask me whether I wanted her to cook noodles for me. Little thoughtful gesture.

I've got darlings like Ting & Julian & Vidz & Yix & Andre & Skye & Darrelle who always listen when I need advice/help & company, pronto.

& of coz', Daryl. The one voice which cheers me up immediately. The one face which I want to see everyday (& that'll work when I graduate & he ORDed). The one guy I love with everything that I've got.

What have you got to say about a guy who picks you up gently when you fall asleep watching 'Police Academy 2' on TV, & tucks you into bed? Who makes sure that you're warm & snug under the covers?

He goes for a shower & comes in, only to hear a complain that goes, 'I'm thirsty. I want water.' & he goes to the kitchen & gets you water the way you like it - cold water in the pretty blue cup.

& then you complain that the temperature in the room is too low & he ups the temperature & tucks in the corners of the comforter & hugs you to warm you up.

What have you got to say to a guy like that? :)

There goes Johnny
He's so sweet
He's booger sugar & devil's meat
Hard as boardwalk bubblegum
& smooth as 151

Hey hey
It's alright
I don't mind
I won't fight
Hey hey
It's alright
Coz' baby you can come with me tonight
Bob Schneider [Come With Me Tonight]

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