Sunday, May 29

The most hilarious incident happened yesterday. (& Daryl would kill me if he reads this.)

I was napping in his room, & he disappeared for a long time. I went looking for him & found him in the toilet in the kitchen.

Me: Are you in there?
Daryl: No.
Me: What are you doing in there? *turns the doorknob* (It was locked.)
Daryl: I'm shitting lah.
Me: Oh. *ponders* I want to watch. (I just wanted to annoy him actually.)
Daryl: You mad ah?
Me: Let me watch lah!

So I thought it'd annoy him if I pounded on the door a couple of times. I raised my fist & pounded once. The door swung open.

Very unglam. He was sitting on the toilet bowl with a dated issue of FHM. I wasn't prepared for the door to open. He wasn't prepared for the door to open. So we stared at each other shell-shocked for 10 full seconds before he went, 'AAARGGGHHH!' & slammed the door shut.

I was in hysterics. It was how funny. I laughed & wheezed & laughed & wheezed. So I did it again. I pounded the door once more & it opened. He cried out, 'STOP IT!' & after that, he jammed his hand against the door.

& he came out a few minutes later & told me grumpily, "I can't shit anymore. Thanks."

Very embarrassing for him. & he'll kill me later. :)

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