Sunday, July 3

I miss Vidz, Ting & Hansen so much. & I'm absolutely elated to have been able to see them yesterday!

Met Vidz first at Bugis to hunt for Daryl's birthday present. & I've got my eye on something but I wouldn't buy it till probably next month. & we watched War of the Worlds which is pretty good! The effects are fabulous, & Dakota Fanning's wide-eyed look & shrill scream are enough to make you jump out of your skin. Although Vidz thinks that the aliens are kinda cute. Lol.

Then I went to Taka to meet Ting & Hans for dinner at Crystal Jade. I haven't seen Ting for like, 2 months + & she seems to be shrinking each day. She's my bestest bestest friend in the whole wide world & it's heartbreaking to see her this skinny. Tsk.

& then Hans came & gave us a hug & it's amazing how he's so much more mature now. I haven't had a proper chat with him ever since he left for LA to study. The last time we met up was just before he left for LA. & he left for like 2 years or so & I never saw him even when he came back for vacations. He's now on a 1 & a half month vacation so he's back in Singapore before going back to LA to complete his studies. & I do miss him. Since we were all sort of close in secondary school & all. It's great to be able to chat with him so easily even after the years. We stuffed ourselves with food & Ting's boyfriend came & we all were supposed to hang out for a while more but I felt awkward so I let Ting & her boyfriend go be lovey dovey & Hansen drove me home.

It's amazing how time flies. I remember how we used to take bus together from town or KAP (in our Crescent & SJI uniforms) & we would chat all the way home. & Hans was just reminiscing on how we would chat about everything under the sun on the bus & do silly things. Now, they're driving. It's scary. We all don't really want to hit the Big two-o but it seems inevitable doesn't it? Time's really against us now. Oh wells.

& I'll probably be catching up with him again once more just before he leaves for LA again. Heh. It's all good.

But watching Ting & HongQuan just makes me miss Daryl even more. & it's 3 weeks more till he comes back. :( Sigh.

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