Tuesday, June 28

Daryl has left for Thailand. & he wouldn't be back till 1 month later. !$#%^&* I hate the army.

So we tried to milk our last moments' worth...watched Initial D (which is pretty good coz' of the humour but the cars are nothing fanciful), & then shortly after,had dinner at his parents' restaurant. Then we went back to his place to spend some quality time together but we ended up blabbering & crying.

Yes I know. It's only a month & we're both too dramatic. I'm sorry but we haven't really been apart this long & we love each other too much to be apart. & I think I freaked him out when I started bawling like a baby. Very unglam. I even had the hiccoughs. I guess what made it worse was that I couldn't send him off coz' his flight was at 1.15 AM. Sigh. :(

& he's the sweetest boyfriend ever. He came over to my place for dinner on Sunday, & he was acting all suspicious (he can never really keep a surprise) so I bugged him & he gave me this CD containing a short 7 minute clip he made for our 1st Anniversary. It contains our photos...starting from our very first picture all the way to Valentine's Day to his India trip & all-Kenny G & then 'The Distance' playing in the background. It's so unbelievably sweet. The words, the photos...& halfway through, I ended up sniffling. It's the sweetest thing a guy has ever done for me. He didn't even know how to use that software & he spent the whole day figuring it out & putting it together for me. Sigh sigh sigh. He spoils me silly. & he actually wanted to post it to me when he's in Thailand just in time for our 1st Anniversary (18th July) but I was bugging him too much (or he couldn't contain himself in excitement) & if he did, I would probably be sobbing watching it all alone.

I'm gonna miss this sweetheart like crazy. I'm going to die.

& I've set up my own base at my place. I took his bolster home with me coz' he wanted it to smell like me after he comes back from Thailand & reclaim it. & I have his Crave with me & I'll spray some on my bed so I can roll about in his scent. I even unplugged his room phone to bring home coz' he's getting me loads of Worldcards to call him! See, my own base set up.

I just wish the 1 month can pass by really fast. & bring him home to me.

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We took this on my sister's wedding last year. & I miss him already.

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