Sunday, August 14

I realised I can be REALLY sweet if I want to be. On Friday, I bluffed Daryl I was going to school but instead, made honey water, went to buy chicken porridge (for him since he wasn't feeling well) & chicken rice (for his parents) & Strepsils & took a cab down to his place. :) Yep, he was pretty surprised. House-hunting with his parents & we went to Chuan Ville which is a 3 storey terrace house. & then we watched 'Man of the House' (on DVD) & it's such a typical chick flick.

On Saturday, I joined his family & went down to his godma's place for lunch, because his godma & godpa made their famous Penang laksa. It's really good. The last time I ate it was this time last year. Heh. I think they make it like once a year. & they should seriously consider selling the laksa. It's very good! I went for a second round. Went house-hunting again, this time at Mimosa Avenue & Saraca Drive. Very very nice houses. 4 storeys, & rather big rooms. Then followed to his aunt's place where I got...stuck in the toilet. Yes. VERY EMBARASSING. The door's like so tight & almost impossible to open. & Daryl went away after showing me where the toilet was & I was stuck in there for quite a long time (& thought I might suffocate & die in there) until he came a-looking for me. So embarassing. Phoot. & that's not the last embarassing thing I did. Daryl & I fell asleep in the car while his dad drove to Loyang & Changi to look at the houses & then when we finally reached town, I was really groggy. So his dad told me to be careful when I opened the car door coz' it was next to a curb but I didn't hear right (or my brain was still all cottony) & I opened the door & it hit the curb & went 'BANG!' & I recoiled. I felt so bad after that. Bah.

& we went to PS to check for movie timings but all the timings were bad so we took a train back to Bishan & watched 'Wedding Crashers' at Junction 8. It ain't too bad, you know? Although I feel that Owen Wilson was upstaged by Vince Vaughn, who is just so over-the-top. & Rachel McAdams is so pretty.

Right. I don't know, I think I should get started on my Acting & Directing journals. Phooey.

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