Thursday, August 11

I'm only like that because I'm worried about you. I'm always worried whenever you fall sick.

You have the works - cough, blocked nose, sore throat & I sense a fever coming up soon. Of course, I want you to be well & about. & that needs rest & medication.

I don't want to be a nag. But yes, I expected you to take your medicine quick & catch some comfortable shut-eye. Not sit in front of your PC & shoot enemies.

If I could, I'd cab down to your place & make sure you're well taken of. You know I will. That's what I did when you fell sick the last time. I would make sure you're snug & warm under the comforter, the temperature in your room isn't too low or high, that you have enough water by your side, that I could bring you a cold towel if you needed one. That's how I fuss about you when you were sick. Same thing here. Even though I'm not there with you, I'm fussing about.

& that's only because I care about you so much.

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