Wednesday, August 10

So, I had my MSN nick as:

mrs goh - reunited [in the showers]

since I just got back home not too long ago & was INDEED in the showers.

YouR FooL says:
reunited in showers

YouR FooL says:

YouR FooL says:
that's good

HEY! I didn't mean for my nick to be this misleading!

Anyway, spent the last blissful day with Daryl before he booked in. He bullied me till I cried but then after that, I think he felt kind of remorseful & tried his best to stay away from his silly Battlefield 2.

& anyway, we defied doctor's orders. Gah. I'm paying for the consequences now. It hurts. Lol. Just for that moment of I'm suffering. Phooey.

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