Monday, August 1

Today, as I came out of the theatres freezing my ass off, my teeth involuntarily did the nasty little clatter song. It goes a little something like this, 'Clak-clak-clak-clak-clakclakclak-CLAK!' It generally meant, 'Oh my god. It's happening again!'

& then Daryl remarked, 'Yeah, you're doing it again! I can't ever do that! You've got some talent.'

-_- Oh sure! What a talent! I bet everyone wants to be me! Meet Sam, the One Man (or Woman) Freak Show! She can chatter her teeth 100 times in 1 millisecond! She can't make the sign '4' with her fingers because when she closes her pinky, her ring finger instinctively curls up as well. It's as if they're twins or something!


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Yes, those are my retarded fingers. & no, I can't straighten the 4th one, honest!

Come to think about it, we've got a few 'talents' in Mass Comm!

Welcome to the MCM Circus! Watch Sam chatter her teeth at a fanatical speed! Watch Valerie move her ears back & forth (I can do that too, actually)! Watch Skye de-bone her index finger! Watch Danial touch his nose with his tongue! & if you have any such un-seen before talent, do send in your application form! We still need someone who can turn his/her head 180 degrees, someone who can dislocate joints, someone who can snot spaghetti up his/her nose, someone who can change hair colour at will...sorry, that's Tonks. But yes, you get my gist. Apply now.

Anyway, whenever someone asked me what I want to be when I grow up, I always wanted to loudly exclaim (whilst giving the offensive fella a black eye or 2), 'WHAT? Are you saying I'm not grown up yet?' But I never did. Instead, a rendition of 'Que Sara Sara' always burst forth in my head. I end up humming along to the tune, therefore, giving the other party who's awaiting an answer the impression that I'm a psycho who hums to invisible tunes.

Oh look. It's late. I guess I'm off to join Jason Mraz in his hunt for the Kokomo kidnapper. The kidnapper has already had his victim in Aruba. Next stop: Jamaica. Do inform us if you see him.

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