Sunday, September 25

Daryl picked me up & sent me to Tampines & when I got there, I was already quite apprehensive. It's a neighbourhood where most people walking around are the very elderly who just went to the market.

& when I 'reported' to the shop, they were all rather hostile. They vaguely waved their hands at the table & big brolly outside which I had to set up myself.

& then I had no idea what to do. There was NOTHING at all. The people at the shop very conveniently forgot to tell me they had my pamphlets & stuff. I had to go searching for them. Wtf.

& then, of coz' when there're all elderly, chances are they look at you weird while you try to hand them brochures.

Anyway, the shop owner scolded me because I don't know the prices of the products & the promotions they had. WELL, PROBABLY BECAUSE WE WEREN'T TRAINED ON THAT FREAKING AREA! All we learnt was about the products, why they are better than the rivals. & I got scolded for something which ain't my fault at all.

So there I was, grumpy, standing outside a shop located about 2 million miles from my place, sweating buckets in the humid weather, staring at the elderly market-goers who bustled by me, avoiding me by lengths & STILL, being scolded for something which wasn't my fault at all.

I sorta 'ran away' from it...I had a reason to after all. I'm sick. Slightly sick. :) Luckily I had my sweet boyfriend who waited for me because he wanted to accompany me for lunch. Heh. Wanted to go see a doc but then the clinic was closed already because it's a Sunday. So we followed his parents around looking at houses & now we're back at my place. Whew.

Phoot. I'd rather sit on my butt at home doing MORE productive things.

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