Tuesday, September 27

I feel like I'm trapped at home.

There's my mom, possibly going through menopause because all she does is stand there & nag. Her incessant nagging is driving me up the wall.

From the moment you wake up, she starts her tongue-wagging. She'll go on about me leaving a cup of water in my room which I do every night because I get thirsty very easily but I bring it out the next morning. & I'm more than glad when she leaves for her hair-dressing lessons. & then she'll call home & ask you to vacuum, bring out the laundry, wash the bathroom, this that this that. Anything she can condense into that few minutes which I'm willing to listen to. The moment she's home, she starts again. All the way from the gate to the living room to her room to the kitchen. It doesn't EVER stop.

I slept at 11+ PM & woke up at 1 PM, & she nagged about me for sleeping so long. I sleeps at between 1 AM to 3 PM & still wakes up at 1 PM, she'll nag about me sleeping late when I have no projects to do.

I stay at home & have instant noodles for lunch, she says that I'm lazy & I should go out & get food. But when I meet my friends for lunch, she complains that I'm wasting money.

My dad offers to give me allowance (albeit slightly lesser than what I normally get when I'm schooling), she goes like, 'Why give her? Holidays no need to give what.' & I think, shut up lah. I didn't ask lor. My dad's offering & it's not her money anyway so what's wrong with her? So I told her, 'Then I eat air during the holidays huh?' & then she says, 'Stay at home eat instant noodles lah!' What the hell? When I do, she curses me to get cancer from all the MSG. Or she'll start another tirade about me being lazy to step out to buy food. & when I DO step out, she'll start on the wasting money process.

& then today, my dad asked me what I wanted for my birthday. He asked whether I just wanted money so I could go get it or what. & because he usually gives me $200 for my birthday, I told him I'll save that money to get a digicam. (& of coz', mom had to remark in the most sarcastic tone ever saying that I've already had in mind a list of expensive stuff & that I'm waiting for the money). So my dad says he'll give me the money for the digicam as the whole family can use it anyway. & she mumbled incoherently under her breath. AYE, NOT YOUR MONEY LAH! Somemore I didn't ask hor! HE OFFERED OK? Not your money you don't kaypoh leh!

& obviously, there's only SO much you can do at home. I do all the household chores she asks me to, & I was reading Harry Potter again. I watched some tv. & when I retreat back to my room to come online, she stands there & goes, 'Everyday face the bloody computer! By the time this holiday is over, your degree will increase to 1000+ lah! Then you'll go blind! Waste so much electricity! No projects already still coop yourself in the room & use the computer!' & it goes in that direction EVERYDAY for about 15 minutes. SERIOUSLY. Hello? I have friends who stay in their rooms 24/7, playing computer games when they wake till they sleep. Their parents have no problems with it leh. I don't even stay in my room 24/7 lor. & I can't even close my room door coz' she'll nag even more.

How come they(I say 'they' coz' my dad also hates me being in my room but he doesn't go on about it everyday, maybe like 4 times a week) want me to be in the living room all the time? Siao ar. DO WHAT? Watch the 6 o'clock Korean comedy, the 7 o'clock Japanese drama & the 8 o'clock stupid variety shows on Channel 8? (I shall not go on coz' I do watch the 9 PM Channel 8 programme.) Then I WILL go blind when this holiday ends! Or what? They want me to be in their line of vision 24/7/365 ah? Why? Are they afraid that I'm some wannabe terrorist? Stay in my room whole day making bombs? What do they want?

Phooey. I feel like my mom has some weird personality disorder, where she contradicts herself every single time. & whatever I do, I can't please her. Women going through menopause are so cantankerous. Women going through menopause are damn evil.

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