Wednesday, September 21

My aunt (my dad's brother's wife) has passed away.

It's so sudden. Everything happened so fast.

She was admitted to the mental institution some time ago, & on Sunday, she fell into a comatose due to kidney failure. Just an hour or 2 after we left my granny's place.

The strangest part? She never had any problems with her kidneys before.

& she passed away at 7 AM this morning.

We're all wondering whether it's the abusive staff at the mental institution.

My uncle noticed that there were bruise marks all over her leg just on the 2nd day of her admittance there.

My maternal grandma, who was also admitted to the mental institution went blind in one eye after someone there pushed her & she fell & hit her head against a corner of a drawer. Of coz', the nurses denied everything & claimed that the other mental patients there did it.

But some of the patients there told my mom of how the nurses use thick rods to hit them.

Honestly, the system there in Malaysia is just so terrible.

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