Tuesday, September 20

Hey, let us talk about over-sensitive people, shall we?

You see, if you have some characteristic which are deemed laughable, deal with it.

Let's say I am short (which I am of coz'). I have been teased my entire life, starting from the time when I learnt how to walk. I went to pre-primary, & the teacher used to love picking me up literally & sat me on her lap while she told stories. I would be the first in line, while all the other pre-primary kids practically towered over me.

I went on to primary school, where I continued to be the a front-row seater, a front-line girl who always had to lead the class back after recess coz' well, I'm short & had to be the first in the queue. In Primary 4, the teachers chose students to be made prefects and I wasn't chosen even though I was nominated because in my teacher's words, 'She's so short & small, I think the older kids will scare her more than she scares them.' (But another nice teacher made me a prefect anyway in Primary 5.)

In secondary school, I STILL sat in front of the class, & still was one of the first in the queue. I have been laughed at my ENTIRE LIFE about my height but have I ever been offended? No. Truthfully, I think it's rather amusing that people can come up with so many jokes about us vertically-challenged people.

Vidz laughs at me when we go shopping coz' I can't reach the stuff on the top shelf/row & she would stand there laughing at me for about 10 seconds before helping me. & she would tell me to not 'over-exert' myself.

Ziggy Soh comes up with all kinds of ridiculous cracks about my height (& Val's & YY's & Amanda's & Skye's).

My friends used to look over my head & go, 'Where's Sam? Did you see her?' & promptly 'search' for me under tables & behind doors.

Daryl laughs at my height ALL the time. In fact, he laughs at my short legs & hands too. & the fact that I'm utterly useless at directions.

Darrelle called me a midget the other day. & she very proudly admitted it when I asked her whether she was about to call me a midget because she said that 'Dorothy Perkins has a line for midg...erm, I mean petite women.'

SO WHAT? Do I go around being all sniffy & touchy about it? Come on, it's part of you. Embrace your height (or whatever characteristic that people usually tease you about) & accept the fact that you're ______ & move on lah. Why be touchy & ignore the poor clueless person for like, the entire day?

If I were to be angry EVERY SINGLE TIME someone makes fun of my height, I wouldn't have time for anything else for god's sake. & that's not to count the fact when people make fun of my non-existent sense of direction, my klutziness & my ability (or inability) to swim. SO WHAT? Honestly.

The best response is to laugh along, because that shows you are a good-natured person with a damn good sense of humour, capiche? You don't want to come across as someone who's absolutely over-sensitive.

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