Tuesday, September 20

Anyway, I was looking at my Mr. A-Z album & musing at the mis-spelling of a song title. 'Mr. Curiousity', it says. Hey, there's not supposed to be an extra 'U'!

But then I read Mraz's journal & you just have to laugh the whole thing off.

I quote:

Do you know what does have a U in it? Mr. Curiosity. Of course it does. And only one at that. But the new records came in yesterday and as we were all noodling and gushing over Jon Marro’s art design, Dennis discovered the extra U in Curiousity on the back of the album. Too funny. I can’t believe we never noticed before it went to print. No one did. Even funnier is that the song mentions spell-check in the lyrics. Jon wishes photoshop mentioned the same in its software but it doesn’t. Not to worry, Jon knows how to spell the word, he did after all create the sling on the website and it is corrected penned right there in hi-rez. And, the next printing will be fixed. Or the first edition copies will become collectors’ items. Of course I’m the one who’s going to face the backlash in the interviews for a while. Some folks will think I meant to do it and find a way to deem it genius. I’ll tell others that it was a way to finally deliver that extra vowel that so many feel is missing from my last name. Or I can say, I’m doing U a favor. It makes U think. I put U in curiosity. But that would be the cheesiest thing I could ever do or say.

Man, too funny! He's a genius.

I don't mind it being a collector's item. Then I can sell it & buy the Mr. A-Z dualdisc which I really want. :)

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