Saturday, October 1

So here I am, nearly 1 in the morning, sitting back with a cup of iced milo & some peanut butter sandwiches. Peanut butter is the best tasting thing on Earth. It tastes good in chocolates, with biscuits, on bread or you could just eat it alone! There's nothing like peanut butter. I'm eating so much peanut butter I'm gonna be grounded like Peter Pan.

Ian has the best collection of DVDs ever. I've never seen such a fabulous extensive range of DVDs. So we borrowed some, got fed & ran off. Ian asked Daryl whether we should have the next meal out or over at his place & Daryl went, 'Of coz' at your place!' Haha. Wouldn't pass up a chance of gourmet food ya know?

Hannibal Lecter disturbs me but I can't help but like him as well. His sardonic humour, his creepy courtesy...but I sure do not like it when he suddenly decides to be cannibalistic. After Silence of the Lambs, I can't get Anthony Hopkins out of my mind. Am probably going to watch Hannibal soon.

Skye & Daryl should just kill each other. They bicker from the moment they meet, bicker bicker bicker all the way. Heh. Maybe secretly deep down, they love each other.

Skye was laughing at Daryl coz' he just had an operation to extract his wisdom tooth.

Skye: Aye, I'm in a bad mood lah. Entertain me lah. Cheer me up, do a good deed. Lemme watch you eat.

Daryl: Wah. Ok lah! So I can do a good deed simply by eating. Not bad...but then, I don't feel pain. I took painkillers!

Skye: Ahhhh. Damn. You know, you shouldn't take so many painkillers? Errr...what if you get addicted? See? You shouldn't! Now eat & wince so I can laugh!

Daryl: Yah yah yah...

Me: Why don't you both just kill each other?

Lol. I'll be working with Skye from Monday onwards, & we will be seeing each other 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 20 days a month. -_- By the end of this vacation, I might go to school & when I see her, I'll yell, 'You again!' Heh. Nah, kidding mah dear! Wouldn't happen!

Corpse Bride is good, but not fantastic like what the newspapers deem it to be. It's over-rated. Sweet, warped, but it ended way too soon for me.

I'm going to Night Safari tomorrow. I'm gonna grab my visor, my neckstrap, my suspenders & I'm all set! Wicked!

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