Wednesday, November 16

I'm back & all tired.

SO! Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire! Well, I would say that this instalment is way better than the past 3 movies, although at 2 & a half hours, it still doesn't do the book justice.

First of all, the ENTIRE Quidditch World Cup was taken out. All you saw are the festivities BEFORE & AFTER the World Cup. I was like, 'THAT'S IT? THAT'S THE BLOODY WORLD CUP?' I mean, it's one of the biggest events in the wizarding world & we only saw the stadium & the tents? Bah.

There's no Dobby or tea-toweled Winky.

I have no idea why Barty Crouch Jr. was at the Riddle Manor at the very beginning.

Moody is pudgy. In my mind, Moody looks somewhat like Filch's cousin. & speaking of whom, Filch is damn entertaining in this movie.

Snape is way too mild compared to the past 3 years.

Fleur looks pretty sometimes, & not at other times.

Madame Maxim is BIGGER than Hagrid!

My brother claims that Barty Crouch looks like Adolf Hitler, with that little tuft of a moustache & the upright demeanour. LOL.

Cedric Diggory, who's supposed to be courageous & heroic, looks like a sissy boy. & although I don't like him, I cried when he died because Harry Potter was sobbing uncontrollably & flinging himself over Cedric's body, which is a very very sad scene indeed. (Daniel Radcliffe is a bloody good actor!)

Hermione is damn hot at the Yule Ball.

Ron exclaims 'Bloody hell' throughout the entire movie.

Cho Chang's actually pretty...if you screw up your eyes & tilt you head.

Why has Beauxbatons become an all girls' school & Durmstrang an all boys' school? What happened to the Beauxbatons' boys who asked the Patil girls to dance in the book?

Neville is outgrowing everyone. He's too tall to be allowed now.

Harry didn't discover Barty Crouch Jr using The Marauder's Map. In fact, the map never did appear at all.

Moaning Myrtle is psychotic. She is absolutely. Utterly. Nutters.

There is no sphinx in the maze. :( I was looking forward to the sphinx!

I still do not like this Albus Dumbledore. In my opinion, the previous guy who played Albus Dumbledore portrayed him a lot better. The calmness radiating from within...while this Albus seems to be rather agitated all the time.

& yes, this movie is indeed darker than all the others. I now understand the PG13 rating in America. The entire graveyard scene is very disturbing. The maze is disturbing too. I didn't know the walls actually could close in.

Other than these minor details (I can't help it but notice all these, because my brother & I were whispering to each other stuff like, 'But oh, isn't this part supposed to be like this this this instead?'), the movie is pretty good. Fred & George, Ron & Neville sure provide some interesting comic relief. :) Go watch it if you haven't! & go watch it even if you've never planned to!

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