Monday, November 21

I was eager to start on my PhotoJourn assignment, so I decided to start shooting, hopefully tomorrow & I got my daddy to help me insert the film.

My daddy isn't much of a tech-geek. He's quite IT-obsolete but then, this is film. Old-school film. He has inserted loads of them when we took family photos & all.

Mind you, it's old-school film, & since I had never helped inserting the film with the old type of cameras, I didn't dare to try it in case I (1) ruin the entire roll of film, (2) half of the roll turns out spoilt due to exposure, (3) ruin the entire camera. So I appealed for help.

My dad was so confident that he could get it in, no problem. But there was a glitch. He couldn't get the film to stay tight in the roller & it just keeps popping back up. He pushed the end of the film into the clip in the roller & the film did pop up a little so he said, 'Hey, just close the back & see whether it works.'

That I did. I felt the camera whirred & the number jumped from 0 to 1. My dad said, 'Try it!' I gave it a test shot or 2. & the number jumped from 1 to 3 so I figured it works.

& then, my brilliant dad said, 'Actually, sometimes the numbers do change but the film isn't moving at all. You can't open the back now coz' it'll expose your should get someone more professional to help you fix this problem.'


YOU TELL ME NOW? It's like telling me that jumping off the ledge will lead me to death after I've jumped kinda thing.

GREAT! Now I don't even know whether I'm firing blanks or not! HALP!

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