Wednesday, November 23

It's one protruding-nipples day.

Not mine. It so happens I saw a pair on the bus today so the image sort of pops into my mind while I'm typing this.

My Sonic the Hedgehog PJs from Primary 6 still fits. Amazing. Seems like I haven't grown an inch!

Ziggy Soh would so agree that I'm short & shall remain short for eternity.

Right, Mr. Soh?

Yeah, he reads my blog. For some strange, unknown reason. Why he would bother reading boring silly entries about me & my boyfriend still leaves me flabbergasted.

I'm working on some proposal, & I'm surprised how things start to shape, when all I was worried about was not knowing where to begin.

Oh wells. Diving under the duvet on this chilly night seems like an appealing idea!

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