Thursday, December 22

I didn't like King Kong. I spent 3 hours holding my pee, while trying to figure out why 17 lives were sacrificed to save 1 girl. Is it because her life is worth much more than 17 lives? Why? I JUST DON'T GET IT. I kept whispering to Daryl in the theatre, 'OH! There goes another one! That makes (insert number here). Why would they do that for one person ah? Her life more important than everyone else is it?' He would then shush me up & threaten to slap me with his cheesy hot dog.

No lah. He just told me very nicely that if I didn't like it, I should just close my eyes & not watch it.

& yes, the acting is top-notch. I like Adrien Brody for some strange reason. He has a gigantic nose, & isn't what you would call a Hollywood poster boy. But then he has this charming, brooding look that is so attractive. I call it the 'tragic poet' face. He does look like a tragic poet. Probably one whose life is never right & your heart goes out to him & you think, 'Poor guy!' everytime he appears on the screen. He totally suit the Victorian era. I can't exactly imagine him in modern togs.

Naomi Watts is very pretty, yes. She acts well, yes. She is a dead ringer for Nicole Kidman, yes. Nuff' said. (Can't seem to pin her uniqueness since she looks too much like Nicole Kidman.) & she screams. Yes she does. She screams so well, it'll haunt you in your nightmares. Thereafter, all screams you hear in your nightmares can be identified as Naomi Watts' scream.

Sooooo. 3 hours of very very draggy fighting among dinosaurs-King Kong-humans-unidentified bugs/monsters. Although the natives on Skull Island give me the creeps. How did the casting fella get them? Do they really look like that? Or is it the make-up artist? If it is, I salute him/her. *kowtow* Congratulations, you just added new characters in my future nightmares.

Oh. Unrelated topic! Dawn Yang is on the cover of FHM. Whoopee. I'm thrilled. Of coz' we haven't had enough of her! She has only appeared on about 3 million other blogs, Technorati,, The Newpaper, Lianhe Wanbao, Cleo, Lime...& all the other viewing medias you can think of. So how can we get enough of her?

(Yes, I was quite riled up & ranted bitterly for quite a while when I saw the cover. But for some strange reason, I was drawn to what she has to say & Daryl bought the copy when he usually waits for his mom to buy it. & I pored over the magazine, reading all her fluff, scrutinising her pictures & ranted some more. What's wrong with me?)

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