Sunday, December 18

So, before the big clock strikes 12 (Witching Hour!), I gotta say this...

Happy 17th Monthsary, love.

It may not be a long period to some but to us, it's quite amazing we have come thus far. He enlisted 2 or 3 weeks after we got together & we did think of the endless possibilities, most of them bad. But as of now, he has only less than half a year to go before he ORDs so yes, it's quite a feat for us.

Imagine, just 2 or 3 weeks after we got together, he had his 3 months of BMT. That would mean, 2 weeks of confinement (we didn't see each other at all in that 2 weeks), & then only getting to see him on Saturdays & Sundays after that (he had no nights off then), & having 3 minute phone conversations every night. & these phone calls came at a random time every night so I had to wait by my phone, lest I missed his call & wouldn't hear from him again till the next day.

& then he had his 3 weeks of exercise in India. We fought before he left, but we lasted through that 3 weeks, with an eye-popping phone bill of $1600 for him.

Then it was his 5 weeks Crescendo exercise in Thailand. Once again, we fought, even when he was overseas. But we overcame everything, & everything returne to normal once he returned. I guess distance does worsen an already bad situation.

& his upcoming 2 weeks New Zealand exercise. I think to myself, 'Hey, it's nothing! I'll just pretend that he has confinement & he'll be back soon enough.' & I know he will.

I love you, Daryl Goh S.B. :)

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