Thursday, December 29

Met up with my primary school friends yesterday for dinner.

We met at Marche, & some of them are friends whom I haven't seen for 7 years now. Yen Fang, Yammie & Sherlyn are those whom I haven't seen since we left Qifa Primary. I meet with Sheere once in a while, bumped into Marc just early this year & saw De Hua a few years ago in town.

But it wasn't weird or anything. We all chatted merrily & after we finished eating at Marche, we sat there & chatted for 2 more hours. By then, we were hungry again so we went to Cine's Yoshi to continue eating & talking.

Well, it was all good but I did feel slightly left out. Almost all of them are in uni now. Bio-medical, law, communication studies, arts, & one has a place in engineering once he finishes serving the army. I guess I felt left out when they were talking about A levels & SAT & uni interviews. I figured, if I had gone on to JC, I would be in uni too. But then again, maybe not.

I chose this path, & I'll stick to it. I like what I'm doing now. I just feel slightly demoralised...I don't think I'll make it to uni anyway. So I guess I do feel slightly small in that group...felt rather inferior. *shrugs*

Anyway, the meeting was good coz' we started reminiscing about our childhood. Goodness. Trust your primary school friends to remember your MOST embarassing moments. & I do mean, MOST. They remember the kid who stepped into his own shit while trying to flush, & stank the entire class & the school bus. They remember the kid who fell from the monkey bar & had to be carried to the sick bay. They remember my 'ex-boyfriend' crying because I did this stage play with Marc in Primary 6. They remember the poor teacher who sat on gum during the National Day preview we were forced to go in Primary 5.

But we also remember the times when we spent the day at Marc's & Yammie's place making props for the play (& Marc's parents came home & shrieked, 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY $364527364875 carpet?!). We remember the times when we made disgusting pizza & alphabet soup. We remember the times we played Digimon with each other, cussing & swearing. We remember cutting Ku Wei's queue coz' he was older & much more mature than us & he wouldn't put up a fight. We remember Yen Chi's auntie coming to school & all the girls scattered all over the place, trying to hide from her.

We remember all those good ol' times. Sigh. It gets us all a little nostalgic actually.

& we've also promised to go back to our primary school near Chinese New Year to reminisce somemore & shock the teachers there. :)

I do feel's innocence lost after all these memories come floating back.

Well, when I got home, everything just went downhill from there. I don't know what's happening. To us.

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