Friday, December 30

Just 1 more day to the new year, & people all around are listing down their New Year Resolutions & giving thanks. So I should too. You know, just to be with the crowd. LOL.

New Year Resolutions
1. To get rid of my excess fats (trust me, I look small but the fats are at places you can't see).
2. To sleep more so my disgusting dark circles become less disgusting.
3. To finally learn how to really swim.
4. To grow taller (not like it's something I can help).
5. To take better care of my skin.
6. To not have such a short fuse.
7. To forgive more easily.
8. To not take things for granted.
9. To earn/save more than I spend.
10. To stop making stupid redundant resolutions that I never keep to anyway.

& here I am, giving thanks.

You know I love you even though you're crazy at most times, & hua chi at others. But then I still love you & I think you're really a nice person at heart & I really really hate it when people take you for granted & step all over you.

I love you too, even though we have the most differing opinions ever & we argue at almost everything. But you know I usually give in because I don't want to fight with you. You're fiesty & scary & you have issues but I love you too. After all, I'm used to you being fierce, having endured being same class as you for 5 years.

We used to study together for our exams (& end up playing PS2 & reading Calvin & Hobbes & eating whatever your dad bought), go to school together & coming back together (with cheese fries). But then you became anti-social. LOL. Ok lah, maybe you didn't. But you're still my brother ok?

I'm sorry for not being able to meet you all the time. But you've always been there for me no matter what. & I'm grateful for that. I'm grateful to have you as my twin, even though you can be such an ass at times.

For being the best guy friend I can ever have. For being the sensible & mature one whenever I go into hysterics about trivial matters. For bringing me out for dinner or NYDC whenever I need a talk.

For being so funny & crazy & even though you come back only a few times a year, know that I look forward to hanging out with you coz' I do miss you.

Fantastic 3 (Vidz, Tiffy & Farhana)
For cheering me up when we go on our crazy laugh-a-minute shopping trips. For being so cheery & happy & letting me forget all my worries. For being great company! Miss you guys plenty!

For writing letters to me, for never forgetting me, for having that extremely sensible head, for listening to me & not judging me like others. For sympathising with the drama I went through. For understanding me.

You're the bestest friend anyone can ever ask for. This is for the times I cried on you, for the times you curse those who had let me down, for the times we worked together & laughed/cussed together, for the times you call me 'Sam Sam' when no one does, for the times we conspired together against our parents, for the times you wanted to run away from home & bunk in with me, for all the good & bad. I love you so much!

I still think you're the best boyfriend I can ever have, even though we have been fighting almost everyday over trivial matters. I think maybe it's just me. I demand too much, I have too short a temper, I become snappish easily, & I just want things my way. I'm sorry for being such a nightmare. But you've been wonderful, & loving, & I appreciate everything you've done for me (& my family). Thank you for caring for me the way nobody does, thank you for loving me with all you have. *muah* I love you.

To the rest of you, I didn't forget you! Happy New Year! Next year's bound to be better than this! :)

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