Wednesday, December 7

This post will be entirely Lost related.

ARGH! I can't believe that I have to wait till 11 January for episode 10 to air! Dammit. & with episode 9 being such a bloody cliff-hanger, I can't believe they'll make us wait this long!

Although I must say episode 9 was impressive. But what Kate did was too unreal coz' she doesn't seem like such a person. But it explains a lot, actually.

& I don't like Lost killing off people coz' it puts a lid on the suspense.

& Sawyer is hot, has a soft side which seldom shows & is sarcastic as hell. (Son of a bitch!)

Can't stand Ana Lucia. She's too bossy, & too full of herself. But I ogle at her lips. Very sexy.

& Mr. Eko is intriguing. I guess I have to wait till next episode (in January DAMMIT!) to find out more about his background coz' talk has it that episode 10 will be centred around him.

So if you're done with Season 1 & want to borrow the first 9 episodes of Season 2 from you, you can try.

Only if I like you, you're nice to me for the next 3 months (buy me food, fan me, help me do my homework, massage my legs...) & promise to return them in a month (before episode 10 shows).


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